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 Land Plane Landscaping Grader land plane made in the USA

Our Land Plane is designed from the ground up to make other utility tractor implements like a drag blade obsolete!

The V-nose cutting bar can be adjusted up or down to suit your needs with your 3-point upper link. Set the land plane level if you want to skim the surface of gravel driveways and parking lots, horse arenas, paddocks, rough ground, just about any rough surface you can think of that you need a smooth finish on! Works the surface without disturbing the base. Lower the nose for a deeper cut and you can skim cut turf and prepare an area for seeding in 1/3rd of the time normally needed.

The landscaping maintenance chores this land plane grader can handle are endless...

  Smoothing Baseball Diamonds

 Soil Leveling and Smoothing

 Leveling Horse Arenas

 Repair Horse Paddocks

Leveling New Building Sites 

 Repair Gravel Driveways

 Fix Gravel Parking Areas

 Eliminate Dead Furrows

 Yard Leveling

Remove Multi-flower Rose 

 Fill Potholes and Ruts

 And Many More Uses..

This is the all-purpose ground maintenance leveling tool that saves you time and money.

The Land Plane is designed to add weight easily by using the trays in the center of the frame to load concrete blocks.

Tired of twisting your ankle walking into your paddock and stepping into a hard hoof-print? Our Land Plane levels that paddock area out in a hurry. Level out the horse arena quickly and easily with just a few passes and leave a smooth finish behind!. Removes the rut from your riding arena in just a few passes as the land plane is one of the best arena groomers around. Pulls shavings and sand AWAY from the fence posts!

 land plane 8 ft wide

land plane 6 ft wide

Watch our videos and see how our Land Plane can make your ground leveling chores easier.

Several people have called and asked about how this land plane landscaping leveler would do as a snowplow? We were not sure ourselves, but the opportunity presented itself with 5 inches of wet heavy snow covering our factory parking lots. We put it to the test and you can see for yourself! It does a great job as a snow plow!

Leveling soil for building sites and using a box blade to level your ground can present a whole new group of challenges. Here is a video we shot using a land plane to level the soil after the ground was used in a raised row farm operation that uses the plasticulture method of growing. The produce was harvested, the plastic mulch removed and the soil needed to be leveled out for next season's crop.

 land plane grader 6ft

 land plane leveler grader 8ft

 6 ft Wide Land Plane- All Welded Construction Made in The USA. Total Weight 340 lbs.

$1159.00 With Free Shipping!

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 8 ft Wide Land Plane- All Welded Construction Made in The USA (available in RED only). Total Weight 390 lbs.

$1299.00 With Free Shipping!

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