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Customer Photo Gallery of Horse Stalls, Outdoor Products and Barn Equipment

 Many folks who have purchased CMI horse stalls and barn equipment have made some beautiful additions to their barns. Here is a place where you can show the world your accomplishments using CMI products. If you would like to add a couple of photos to the gallery, please e-mail your photos to: If you have a website, send that address along and we will post a link to it so people can visit your website. A little free advertising doesn't hurt a bit..................

 Hollingsworth Farms, Paris KY new barn with stalls by Country Manufacturing. It’s the second time I’ve used CM stall kits and they always come out great! Thanks for great products and prompt service. I highly recommend CM. Cheers, CH
galvanized horse stalls

barn with horse stalls

galvanized steel horse stalls

horse stall divider wall

horse stall kits

barn aisle

 Richard Hannum Of Whitehouse, Ohio sent in these nice photos of our Mini-Stalls in use at the Lucas County Fairgrounds.

 Mini Horse Stalls Lucas County Fairgrounds

 mini-horse stalls at the Lucas County Fairgrounds

I'm writing about our recent stall front purchase via Amazon and wanted to share with you the before and after pics of our 3, 10x12 stalls. We were very happy with the quality of the product and have already received compliments on them. I did however want to inform you that I think you should rework your instructions as they were a bit complicated. Having built stalls before using a different product I at least had an understanding of how to put them together. The first time stall builder may not?? Perhaps a short 10+ min YouTube assembly video would have been awesome or better quality color pictures on the assembly process would have been nice. Additionally the self tapping screws were a pain. I had more wasted time with them. If I could go back in time and had a metal drill bit I would have predrilled the holes. Lastly, one of the fiber bags holding the screws ripped out inside the box during shipping so we were concerned that we lost parts before we ever began also because everyone of the boxes we're ripped open by the UPS folks from handling. Food for thought. I would recommend your product and also thanks for the ample amount of screws etc!
The Shelton's
Grayson county VA

 horse run in shed with stalls

completed run in shed with stalls

run in before horse stalls

"My husband, Mel Gale, is very talented - a non-horsey guy who accommodates his wife very well! For reference, here's the stall with the mini in it. Plenty spacious! Mel used 3/4-inch thick tongue and groove to mimic the look of my horses' stalls.

After Mel installed the wood, it only took him 30 minutes to set up the rest of the stall ... and this was our first time doing so. The floor isn't 100 percent level, but we were able to adapt and make it work. It looks good and it's safe!

Since we were unable to use the second stabilizer bar due to the door placement, Mel cut off the prongs and installed it on the diagonal to better secure the door frame to the adjacent panel. Great idea, right? And it does the job perfectly. I touched up the cut area with a little paint to keep it looking as nice as the rest of the stall frame. We intend this to be a permanent installation.

Thanks again for providing a quality product that allowed us to build a beautiful and practical stall!"


Joan Todd

 Mini-horse stallsminiature horse stalls

Kurt Schnieders sent in this photo showing the progress of his modular stall installation: Hello,
I first want to say thank-you. We love the modular stalls and have them mostly completed in our new barn...
 Modular horse stall panels being installed

Richard Coley of Byram MS sent in this photo showing how he built a laundry room door using our stall door frame kit. You are only limited by your imagination how many ways our stall kits and components can be used.

 grilled laundry room door


Rex Briant of Talking Rock Georgia sent in this photo showing how his 2 each 12 ft wide stall fronts came out using our Black Enamel Coated Stall Kits. Nice job Rex!

 Black Horse  Stall Kits

Thank you for the quick service and quality product. We built custom stalls and doors and use the jail bars to fit accordingly. The swing out feeders are very nice, it eliminates the liability of having people in the stalls to feed while horses may be in there. I researched several different company websites and your product appeared to be easy to work with, and I was correct. I called with questions about door kits and the fellow on the other end was very helpful. Shipping was easy and quick. Thanks again

Dustin and Jennifer Lee
Toddville, Iowa.

horse stall kits-Iowa

stall kits in Iowa

horse stalls in Iowa

Thought we might share some photos of our new mini horse barn. We couldn’t be happier with the quality and look of our new CMI stalls! We built our own cross buck style inserts for our 3 sliding doors that added a nice touch and the country look we were going for. It wasn’t hard to just build then and slide them in the frame in place of individual planks. We also like the structural look of adding reinforcer bars to reinforce and break up the long 8’ and 12’ wall spans. We chose to buy extra channel framing to use at the bottom of all our wall panels and sliding barn doors. They protect the wood and add a nice finished look. We also painted all the sliding door hardware black to match the black metal grills. We prefer this look to the bare metal roller channel and hardware and all it took was a can of spray paint. The stall kits were very versatile and made it so easy to design the layout we wanted. We get so many complements on our CMI stalls!

Thank you for your helpful service and fast shipping!

Debi and Mark Jobin
Apace Junction, AZ

Barn before renovation

Arizona Horse Stalls


Horse stall kits

Western Horse Stalls

Arizona stalls

 Galvanized Horse Stall Kits in Steel Building

Galvanized stall kits

 Greg Wells of Morehead Kentucky sent in these photos of an open-air barn he built using our Galvanized Stall Kits, Swing-Out Combo Feeders, Utility Doors and Thermo Buckets. Great Job Greg!

 People have a way of putting their minds to it and coming up with something very unique! We are enjoying your horse stall wall on the small house we built as a guest house.

Bob Smith
Clearwater Ks.

horse stall bedroom stall in bedroom

stall wall as bedroom wall

Country Manufacturing
I ordered an 8500 Trailer recently - Just wanted to drop a line, it arrived very well packaged, assembly was quick and easy. All parts fit together perfect and there was not fight to assemble.
I have been a metal fabricator for years and build many of my own implements and tractor attachments so I am extremely picky about how items I purchase are built. I was extremely pleased how this trailer is built, very well designed , thought out and heavy built.
Funny, my other half asked what I thought after assembly, my reply was "very happy, its built like I would build it".

Thanks for putting out a nice product at a good price - Extremely pleased.


Elite Fabworx, LLC
2290 55th Ave.

Baldwin, WI
715-760-2360 or 715-760-0351

 I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product the quality and service is the best around. Also just wanted to send you a picture of what I have done to the wagon to fit my 12 grand kids.

Photos submitted by Scott Damon Onsted, Michigan

 ATV Wagon with kids

 ATV Wagon with grand kids

 ATV Wagon with seats

Hello Country Manufacturing:

I received trailer yesterday and assembled it.

Everything fit with no drilling, reaming or hammering required. Its a robust, well designed and well manufactured implement.

I attached a picture. It was well worth the wait.

Thank you from a satisfied customer,

Dick Hornak
Mishicot, WI 

2000 lb capacity utility dump trailer

 brush fire trailer

Good Day Folks,

I would suspect that each trailer is used in as many different way as there are customers. I wanted to thank you for the help and support in the order process and share with you how mine is currently loaded. One thing which you may wish to consider would be to add a trailer jack to the accessory options, it is much easier to “one stop shop”. I would be happy to answer any questions, or should you wish provide additional photos for your web site.

· QTAC HP 85 Fire Skid

· 200 Gallon Water Tank

Once I get through fire season and the burn piles this winter I’ll remove the equipment and use the trailer in other ways.


Richard Van Horn III

trailer with water tank

fire control trailer

fire suppression trailer

 The wagon has been instrumental in moving material from a staging area to a work site that is inaccessible by larger machines. The project was to construct a causeway about 80’ long through a wet area. About 12 tons of 3/4” pack make up the 5’ wide road. Some of the road was armored with 1.9 tons of 3-5” stone (rip rap) to prevent collapse.

Photos submitted by Stephen Mayotte of N. Chelmsford, MA.

2-ton wagon hauling stone

 The ATV wagon we purchased from you has been an excellent tool for feeding our sheep flock and moving all sorts of things around the farm. We feed our flock of 400 merino ewes daily with it in winter. It handles the whole 1900 lb 4x4 square alfalfa bales we feed well. We purchased the hand operated dump bed feature with it. When needed I can dump the whole bale 1900 lb bale. A few custom features I added were a simple wood rack to the front of the wagon to keep the hay bale from flaking off towards the tongue (it’s made from the wood the trailer was shipped with, a 3/4 inch plywood bed, and a welded on extension to slip a piece of pipe over the jack pump for more leverage along with a tab to make releasing the jack easier. To load the large sized hay bales I stage them with a loader tractor by double stacking them and use a bar to push the top bale off onto the hay wagon. We save money in fuel and wear and tear on the tractor by only having to operate it more than once every two weeks. We use 4 gallons of fuel every two weeks in the ATV to feed our 400 ewes hay and corn twice daily. Feeding the flock by myself is done simply and safely. I pull the wagon forward, walk back and push a flake of hay off the bale, walk back to the ATV, pull it forward and then repeat the process. With any other other feeding vehicles tractor, pickup etc., to feed safely two operators are needed. Another feature I like about the wagon is if the whole bale isn’t needed, I flake off the amount of hay needed from the staged double stacked bales onto it. Some bales don’t flake well and make bulky loose piles of hay. The side racks keep the loose hay on the trailer nicely. Being able to efficiently feed large square bales of alfalfa saves us a significant amount of money on feed because 4x4 bales are the least expensive hay package here. The wagon is also useful year around on the farm not just for feeding. Thank you for the well made product and excellent customer service.

Wyoming sheep producer,

Ty Jarvis

Wagon Feeding Sheep wagon with quad

ATV Wagon Loaded with Hay Modified ATV Wagon

Hay Bales Modified ATV Wagon

 Stephen Mayotte of N. Chelmsford, MA sent in these photos showing how he modified a Model 8300 Utility Wagon to use a 12 volt battery powered hydraulic dump. Excellent job Stephen!

2-ton dump wagon

2-ton wagon with electric powered dump

Model 8300 2-ton wagon

12 volt lift on 2-ton wagon


 Dutch Doors by CMI

 Here is a nice barn built by Joanne C Archer of Pulaski, PA. Joanne used our Dutch Doors complete the construction and keep the weather out. Very nice Joanne!




Just wanted to say thanks for the great product!
We finished our stable using your modular stall systems. We now have four 12X12 box stall (leaving two panels removable so when our mares foal this spring they will have 12X24 stalls)
We did weld the panels in place instead of using the "modular" connections.

It looks great. It's very solid and functional.

I've had a number of people ask about the panels and was happy to tell them where I got them.

Again thank you for the great product!

Patrick Gaylor

Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our new stall fronts and walls. Jen has been great to work with and has very nice customer service. The kits are exactly what we needed and all parts just what we ordered. We customized a little so we had to order a few additional parts. Thanks for selling them separate. This really helps. Also ordered hay racks and bucket holders. The barn is starting to look super nice and we are pleased.

Thanks again

Rusty Howell

Shot of Before Stall Construction

 horse barn / garage

horse barn / garage in NH

black horse stall front

black steel horse stall kits

3 horse stalls

black horse stall fronts


 Here is a beautiful example of a horse barn / car garage built using CMI Black Steel Stall Kits.

"As promised here are the pictures of our completed 3 car garage and barn with stalls with all the product we purchased from Country MFG. Thanks so much for all your help, we are very very happy with the service, pricing and quality. Thanks!!"

Brian Riccio

Exeter, NH.

horse stall sliding door


I just wanted to drop you a note (& some pictures) and tell you how much we love our Country Manufacturing mini horse stalls! We use them for our Australian Shepherd kennels and they work great.

Thanks for making such a great product!

Tom & Marcia
Cottage Farm Aussies
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 35 year old utility wagon

Photo submitted by David Short with the following comment: "Try as we might for 35 years, we haven’t been able to kill this wagon. "

 christmas train with wagons

Here are a pair of Model 7300-BR wagons that were modified to make a "Christmas Train" at Old Town Artisan Studio in LaQuinta, California.

Photo Submitted by Victory Grund

Learn more about Old Town Artisan Studio at this link:

Folks- last year I purchased a 7500 and just picked up a 8300 and 8500 yesterday for my cattle\timber farm. This Company is a class act. Office staff was ready with paperwork and shipping guys loaded me in about a minute. Everybody had a smile. Just like the 7500 purchased previous, the 8300\8500’s are perfectly made, not even any marred paint. All three wagons are made to be worked; made for years of service. Efficient, simple designs. Every piece fits, the welds perfect, good wood utilized, and great paint jobs. Value received!! Buy from this Company and you will not be disappointed!!

Fred Circle Springfield, Ohio

Lone Rock Cattle Company


Fred D. Circle

President CEO | FDCE

O- 866.270.4833 | C- 614.774.9182 | F- 866.436.5222 |


A couple of nice photos of a Model 7300 LW Wagon customized by Greg Nolan of Hamilton, Virginia


Model 5450ATV-BR single axle trailer send in by Meir Gottlieb

Model 5450ATV Cart  Here is a nice photo sent in by Brent Aukema of Ironwood Michigan showing his 5450ATV cart being put to work hauling dirt.

 firewood wagon

 "We drove down on friday and picked up our wagon. It's hard to tell in pictures what you're getting but seeing it in person you can really see the quality put into it. Here is a photo of me putting it to work on Saturday. I just wanted to tell you how much I like it. It's getting harder to find really good products nowadays. Keep up the good work."

Thanks again
Robert Spitler Ohio

 2-ton wagon

Here is a nice photo of a Model 8300 2 ton wagon being put to work. Photo submitted by Bill Ulrich

 "I am now a year into using one of your Model 8300 wagons. I own a 50 acre “farmette” with about 20 acres of pasture, 20 acres of woodlot/orchards, and about 2 acres in vegetables for our use. Your wagon is now my default go-to for about 80 percent of what I need to move on the property. It is rated for 2-ton and I routinely haul that weight (and almost certainly more) cut stone on some pretty rough trails. My 6x12 three ton has gotten used exactly once since I bought the 8300. The wagon gets used and used hard between hauling stone/firewood/fertilizer/whatever. The test of a great piece of equipment is that you don’t think about it when using it – it just functions as expected without any issues. Your 8300 clearly fits that category and it does what it is supposed to do without notice.

Great job on the design and construction. Bottom line - I love the thing and am looking at purchasing a second 8300 as soon as I sell the 8x12 wagon".

David Perry
Murrysville, PA

 water tank trailer sprayer
Here is a nice example how a model 7740UTV trailer can serve multiple purposes. This customer built a custom frame to mount on the model 7740UTV chassis as a combination water hauler and sprayer. The bed can be removed by taking out the pivot pin and the watering frame slides into place. When he needs the bed back on, the watering tank frame slides off and the bed can be reinstalled. That is American Know-how at it's finest! Thank you Bret Cox for bringing this by for us to see!

 Model 5400 FYI --I purchased this 30-35 years ago and still being used to today. Some changes I’ve made, beefed up the frame some, welded small blocks to keep the side board stakes , upright. New tires. Wood is getting rather rotted and could use a paint job. Other than that ,I still use it frequently. Been a pretty tough little trailer. Oh yes the price has more than doubled!! Doing again, I would probably buy the trailer with the hydraulic dump feature. I do think you make quality equipment, not the plastic stuff on the market today. I’ve been satisfied Jerry Savaloja Walton KY


Here is a nice photo sent to us by Arlyn Aronson of the Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club, Hancock MI showing a model 7550ATV trailer with the 3010 hand-operated hydraulic lift working on the ski trails.

 Here is a nice example of how a old model 300 series utility wagon was given a new life with some improvements to make it the way they wanted it. The photos show the condition of the wagon and how it has been restored. Excellent job K.C.!


"Hello I had talked with someone about info on a model 300 wagon .I am sending you a few pictures of before and after the revamp that i did over the winter. I bought it from a gentleman for $90.00 delivered(only had seen pictures on Craigslist) i did modify the dump assy. some i did away with the bottle jack and put in an electric/hydraulic jack(that can be removed when needed to use as a jack)and i also put in nylon strips for the dump arm to ride on and also nylon on the ends of the dump arm. I will send in another email a video of the wagon as it is at this moment. Thank you K.C. Kubik (kccraftswoman on"



rebuild model 7300 1-ton wagon

Max IV Snowplow

 Here is a nice photo of a Max IV 6x6 with a snowplow and mounts installed.

Photo submitted by Marty Spinelli

These plows and mounts are available at


chicken tractor


Here is a nice example of how one of our wagons found a new life as a portable chicken coop! Andrea Magee Kennedy sent in these photos of their "Rolla-Coop" built by Scott Magee.

Those chickens will be roosting in style!

 ATV Trailer

 ATV trailer being towed

"I recently purchased your ATV Single Axle trailer, Inv. No 1115352 and wanted to let you know your product is amazing!! I have gone through numerous trailers before purchasing this one and the shear quality and trail capabilities of your trailer is outstanding. Thank you for making a product that is designed to handle rough terrain and has proven to be a workhorse pulling firewood out of the woods!!! "


Christopher D. Jackman

Bartenfelder Landscape Service, Inc.

Commercial Project Manager

 hauling firewood with ATV Trailer
 Here is a nice photo submitted by Todd Digard of Ohio showing a Model 5400 cart with brushracks hauling some darn good sized pieces of firewood. That is a good size load of wood! Our wagons, trailers and carts are designed to take the punishment that most others can't handle.

 Our wagons, trailers and carts get used for all kinds of different tasks! This ATV cart was bought by Bill's wife for the main purpose of harvesting and hauling walnuts! We have been told this was an early Christmas present.

The sign on the side says "William's Walnut Wagon"

 williams walnut wagon

 Here are some nice photos send in by J.J. Strickland of Keysville, GA. "It is a beautiful design and very well built. Love it. I feel guilty about paying the sale price…."

This is a model 6500 lawn trailer ( 6 ft long bed).

 1 ton lawn trailer





"Attached are pictures of one of your wagons. I purchased this unit about a year ago and started the project during Jan. of 2015.

I have taken it to the Fla. Flywheelers Show and enjoyed touring around with family & friends.

I hope you like the pictures."

Harry Cunningham III


 Many people ask us how long our trailers and wagons will last. This photo sent in by Stan and Bonnie Jensen of North Dakota is of a model 7300 wagon they bought back in 2002! It is used on a daily basis and will give you an idea of how durable we build our products.

Some of our customers are great at adapting our products to suit their individual needs. This log skidder is a great example of this. "I received my skidder last week. I made a few modifications that I thought you might find interesting.
The logs in the photos are all hardwood, maple, birch or beech.
Thank you for a great product."

Bill Johnson
Oxbow, Maine
"Landing Gear" Keeps snow and debris from collecting in ball hitch.
Chain Stowage. A secure method of storing chain when it is not in use.
Retrieval Hook. Used to pull log from an area not accessible to the skidder.
I was able to bring out about two cords of wood on the day of these photos.
The last hitch of the day. The arch works well with any size log.

firewood trailer

extended sides firewood trailer

ATV towing firewood cutting trailer


 Sometimes, you need to modify things to make it suit your specific needs and that is just what Tom Cummings did with this Model 7340ATV Trailer. Tom extended the height of the sides and made slide-in compartments for hauling chain saws and other firewood cutting equipment.

Great Job Tom!

firewood cutting equipment

 1949 Cub with Manure Spreader

Here is a nice photo of a 1949 Farmall Cub with a Model 600 Manure Spreader sent in by a customer. The tongue has been modified by the customer longer to help when making tight turns behind this vintage tractor.

"Just love your stall kits. This is the 12 by 18 foot that I built with your kit. Really happy with the way it turned out. Just had to share. Three more 12 by 14's to go! Will go faster as we know what we are doing! Thanks for a great and affordable product."

Nancy Panner

Medford, Oregon

Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how happy I am with my new Dutch doors. The doors are great, very well built, and look awesome on my new barn. (And you can't beat the free shipping which was not offered by other companies I spoke to!) I have attached a photo of the Dutch doors after I finished painting them. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer??

Heidi Turpin
Cynthiana, KY

 horse stalls Nickell Family Berlin Center Ohio

 Black Horse Stall Kits were used to build this great looking multiple stall barn in Berlin Center, Ohio.

Photo submitted by the Nickell Family

horse stall front modular construction

Modular Horse Stall Front showing the "gossip door" open.

Photo Submitted by Bob Trench

 galvanized horse stalls

stall kit style finished

 Susan Royal in Missouri sent these photos of her horse barn with CMI galvanized support post style horse stalls installed. Excellent job Susan!

galvanized horse stall front

horse stall side view

interior horse stall

 old barn stalls before

before installation

stall fronts

modular horse stall front

 These photos are a great example how an older barn can be upgraded with some new modular horse stalls. The first 2 photos show the old barn stalls and the third and fourth photos show the same barn after the upgrade with new modular horse stalls.





"Here are a couple of pictures of the old stalls to compare with what we did! The difference is AMAZING!! "


"Our stalls are finally done! They look great! Makes the 40 year old barn look brand new! This was adapting the fronts - to odd measurements with out special ordering. We thought you would like to see the results."


Karen & Charlie Naber

 horse stall kit being assembled

horse stall walls

galvanized stalls

galvanized stall fronts

sliding barn doors

Here are some innovative folks who  purchased two 18 by 20 foot car ports and used them as the frame for their stall and tack shed. They used CMI galvanized horse stall components to create this great open span style horse barn.

Photos by Don & Theresa Brigner
Paulden, Arizona

stall being assembled

stall kit

stall kit galvanized

galvanized horse stalls

 modular stalls in use

prefab stall wall

prefabricated horse stalls

installing prefab horse stalls

These photos show why modular horse stalls can be a real convenience. Kelli Butler says "The first few photos are from a stall I had to put up in my garage. My new barn was not completed in time for the mares to foal in, so we had to get creative :)" Modular horse stalls can be moved to different locations much easier than support post horse stalls as Kelli's photos show.

modular horse stalls

prefab horse stall installing wood

installing wood- modular horse stalls

atv trailer

 One of our CMI ATV Model 5400 ATV trailers hauling a couple of friends.

Photo by Craig Ritchie, DVM
Companion Animal Hospital

 zero turn with snowplow

zero turn mower with plow installed

self studded tires on zero turn mower

 I am very happy with my recent purchase of the Zero Turn Tractor, snow plow. I have included some photographs. We have pretty good snows in Northern Maryland. I am waiting for the big snow (Murphy's law............... now that I have my blade). I used the blade to clean up from a snow storm from 1 1/2 weeks ago. To give the tractor extra traction I inserted some 5/16" sheet metal screws into the turf lugs. It gives it a good bite on my hill, without the bulk, that snow chains give. The purchase from your company went very smooth. I will buy from your company again. I have shared photographs of my plow with other zero turn owners who are impressed with it.

Thanks for your help,
Jim Harkins
Whiteford, Md.


zero turn with plow installed

 zero turn snow plow

 "We don’t get too much snow in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, so alot of my friends looked at me kinda funny when they saw the blade on the front of my zero turn mower. They weren’t looking so funny when I drove by them as they shoveled their drives this morning. Of course, I offered to help...

We had about 8 inches last night and the photo is of me clearing my Mini Storage Lot. The blade works well, but I need to make a few modifications for my JD 425 to fit it properly. I’ve also added some pins and bolts for stability."

Rick Hetzel - Cape Girardeau, MO

 estate trailer

 This is a great example of American ingenuity! This CMI estate trailer has been converted into use as a leaf vacuum. Photo by Dennis O'Connell.

 before installation

stall kits

building stalls

These photos are a excellent example of how an old dairy barn has been converted to a horse barn. The top left photo shows what these folks started with, the next 2 photos show the horse stall installation in progress with the great results shown below:

Photos of this horse stall building project courtesy of:

Craig Bosley
Bosley-Acres Farm
Mooers, NY

 finished horse stalls

 aluminum horse stall fronts

aluminum stalls

 A beautiful example of CMI Aluminum Horse Stalls by Halcyon Hill Stable in Ohio. This is a 6 stall barn using walls 6 inches thick. The aluminum stall grills are set back flush with the inside of the stalls, giving the stalls a very sturdy appearance. Gravity latches and aluminum swingout feeders are used on these stalls. These horse stalls are used for stalling Warmbloods.

aluminum horse stall

 black stall fronts
 This is a great example of a 8 horse stall barn, 2 rows of 4 stalls each. Owned by C. Deyo, she used CMI black painted steel stall grills and stall doors. Each stall has a stall grill with a feed opening in it. 2 x 8 lumber was used in the stall construction giving the fronts a nice finished look.

 stall fronts

 black steel stalls

 miniature horse stalls

mini stalls

 Photos by Dr. Carol Wochenko, an Ohio psychologist that uses her miniature horse with some of her younger therapy clients. "I built a stall from country manufacturing right in my garage (attached to my house)!! I love it!"